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Jonathan Poirier III

Jonathan Poirier III


Born & raised in Toronto Canada; Jonathan started experimenting with film in 2006, while on tour promoting a short-lived music career – Jonathan would shoot & edit his own vlogs – long before YouTube was invented.

Jonathan (also known as Diggz) was mentored by the world renowned Director Julien ‘Director X’ Lutz (formerly Lil X), taking him under his wing & teaching him the ropes of the film industry. “I’ve learned much from X”, he says, adding “I am forever grateful for the guidance over the years”.

Jonathan has since worked with streaming juggernauts Apple Music, ABC’s Shark Tank, and has directed music videos for Sean Paul, Alkaline, and Keffa, to name a few – as well as co-directing his own videos from 2006–2013, moving on from the music industry in 2014, to fully concentrate on his true passion… film.

Jonathan was born to be a storyteller, having lived through the storm, and surviving, he now feels it is time to show the world his point of view, and he plans to do so through visual art.

A naturally gifted individual with a lot to say; Jonathan is poised to be one of the great storytellers of our time!